gallery First project of the year

The finished Good Luck card This is how the card looked without the embelishment








So last night I decided to make the hubby a ‘Good luck’ card.  He’s got a job interview on Thursday and I really hope he does well.  I searched the internet for good luck images.  What could be more lucky than a four-leaf clover?

So with that in mind, I sketched a simple design to complement the brown card.  I have a real love for paper doily’s at the moment (no one uses them anymore, why?!), and I wanted to incorporate these into the design.

I decided to cut heart-shaped leaves from the doily, and added an extra feature by cutting mini heart shapes at the base of each leaf.  Once glued to the card I stood back to appreciate my work, but felt I’d made it too plain (that’s the design on the right).  So, I went one step further and added sequins and ribbon.

I think it works quite well.  What do you think?  Although a bit feminine, I’m sure the man in my life will appreciate it.  Even more so when the 3 boys have scrawled all over it!



  1. This is fantastic I love how it looks. Wow, paper doilys that takes me back..I didn’t even think you could still get them! This is a really great design for a card, I’m inspired to do something similar for valentines day. Now where can I find paper doilys in Australia..?

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