Newcastle to Edinburgh

6am start on a cold, autumn morning in Newcastle. It’s drizzling as I leave the house, so I know my blow-dried hair will resemble something like a scarecrows within half an hour. But as I sit here in the train station, I feel alert and happy. It might have something to do with the warm latte I’m drinking, the lights, the buzz of the commuters, but everything feels good.

The reason I’m surprised is that I’m really not a morning person. And I despise the cold (trust me, it’s cold right now in the North of England). Normally I’m a shell of a person at this time, and it’s takes a good hour before I’m capable of stringing a sensible sentence together.

I realised this weekend, that since I started blogging again, I’m looking at the world through different eyes. This morning for example, I suddenly found the curve of Newcastle station beautiful, as it was lit against the dark sky. And I thought I’d share my thoughts. I’ve been to this station a million times, and I’ve never noticed details like this before.

I’ve just got on the 7.43 to Edinburgh, and it’s packed! I wonder where everyone is going, and why?

An hour and a half to go and I’ll be in Edinburgh. Might feel inspired there as well. Although, the business meeting might stifle my creativity a little!



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