Vintage teacup candles

DIYTeacupCandles7I’ve seen these beautiful items for sale in many shops over the last year.  However, I never bought one because they’re always so expensive.  But my close friend Jennifer has vintage teacup candles all over her house and I’m getting candle envy.  I think it’s time for me to join the club.

Searching on the internet I found this fantastic guide to making the candles at home.  It seems fairly easy and the photos on ‘Hey Gorgeous Events’ beautifully illustrate the steps you need to take.

You need: teacups, candle wax flakes, wicks, wooden skewers, sellotape, and a saucepan and bowl in which to melt the wax.

  1.  First, make a holder for the wick by sellotaping two skewers together and trapping the wick in the middle.  You can balance this on top of the tea cup to ensure the wick stays upright in the melted wax.
  2. Then fill a pan with boiling water and sit a glass bowl inside (as if you’re going to melt chocolate).  Put on a medium heat and pour the wax flakes into the glass bowl.  As they melt they will become clear so you can add some colour and scent at this stage.DIYTeacupCandles4
  3. Once melted, wipe the outside of the glass bowl, and pour the wax into your teacups.
  4. After waiting for a few hours, check if your candles are dry.  You’ll probably be able to tell by the colour of the wax; if it’s gone cloudy and is smooth to the touch it’s probably ready.  Take some sharp scissors and cut the wick so you can remove the skewers.DIYTeacupCandles6
  5. Then the best bit…find a nice setting and light your vintage candles!  Wouldn’t these make a wonderful present for someone?  One of my friends has just moved house.  I think she’ll appreciate this more than a bottle of wine.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I love them yet thought it was going to be quite an ordeal to make them…how wrong was I, your friend will be impressed by such a thoughtful gift

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